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I am getting ready to go out of town so wanting to do a 3 or 5 day listing. Does anyone know if that still qualifies for the FREE lsting on eBay right now until Sept. 30th? Can I do a bulk edit to change the 7 days to 5 days? If I do change the days will I get my credit for relisting or will it count as a NEW listing again? Of course guess that would not make much difference since we are getting FREE listings until the end of Sept. LOL

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See this link:

I believe 3-5 day auctions DO qualify for the promotional fees. I couldn't find anything that said they were exempt.

I was trying to search for info on listing duration, but at this time it is 'unavailable'. I think you can shorten your listing time but only within certain gidelines, I'm really not sure.

Read the link carefully...listings are Not completely free! Here's another link as well:

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