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I've read through all the comments on relisting expired listings and I know I have to go through ebay. What I want to know is "Why can't I relist through Auctiva if I don't want a credit??

I edited all the listings I wanted back on ebay, but half were rejected because they were over 90 days...they are still in my scheduled listings, so why can't I just mark them "List as New"
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Hi- I think you are asking, if listing is past 90 days on ebay then you can't relist through ebay because they have dumped them?? If that is question then you can to a new post through auctiva. That to me is one of great features of auctiva. We can list say Christmas items in say October, removed them after
Christmas and next year they are there waiting to be pulled out and used again.

Hope this helps a bit.


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