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Smile Wow, I am not nuts ( about this at least). Here is what you need to do to relists and use your descriptions and everything from EBay. Go to closed listings. Tick the box of the item you want to relist. Then hit import button. Then go to saved listings and that listing will be there. When you open it, it is complete with all your EBay criteria, description and all. You then can edit with the Auctiva template. and W00 HOO, You can then either schedule it, save it or post it. Works like magic. How did we miss that. All this talk of cutting and pasting Html is not really necessary. Try it, You'll Like it!!
Darlene, The Fairy Odd Mother @ Once Upon A Find
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Smile I guess it is better to say list it again rather than relist, since I don't think you get the fee back if it sells but this way you can use it as many times as you can clean up all of the old EBay Formats. I'm glad too, I don't know how I happened to just stumble onto it. Just stubborn I guess. I assume that is how it is supposed to work, but seems like no one knew it. Yeah!!! Spread the word.
HI Darlene
Yep it seems to be working but the neatest part is that we can add photo to the listing while it is active which I JUST LOVE
that way you can use an old auction / re-list it in eBay and change it after it is relisted
at least I think that is how it is working!
I just love Auctiva and have told EVERYONE ..
I can about it .. FINALLY a proper spot that works about 100% of the time ..
I wonder if they will get wagglepop auctions on the list that we could use it to list there?

Thanks for the response!!!
SmileDear Act Upon. I wouldn't quite say that Auctiva is perfect. As you can see from previous posts there HAVE been some problems. However, I think they have better than ususal service and basically the program has great potential. Just don't want you to get disappointed if some things come up. Just like this issue. I could never get anyone to explain to me how to do it. I just experimented until I found it. Hasn't produced much interest. Maybe we are the only ones that know, or maybe I was the last to know. Who knows LOL. At any rate I am so glad it is working for you and for me and I hope that others will find it. (or us). Blessings,
SmileDear Chris, I am sure that works just fine. Especially if you have been using Auctiva for quite some time. My site may be a bit more complicated and my descriptions and information can vary so, I want to get old listings converted to the Auctiva Template where ever I can. I have had difficulty doing that as have others. This method works if that is what you are trying to do. If it doesn't matter to you, then relisting by EBay is certainly the fastest. Thanks for putting in your 2 cents worth tho. There are many needs and many points of view I am sure. Blessings
Hi Darlene, I am new and my problem is that unsold auctions are not showing up on auctiva as closed auctions. I want to schedual relists but with the new auctiva templates and such. I can't revise the listing unless I go ahead and schedual on eBay and I would rather have it launched of Auctiva. How can I import a listing that did not sell to Auctiva so I can do the change and schedual for a later start date? Or is it not possible? I have been cutting and pasting html to existing store items-but it is a timely process and I need to move on to auction scheduals. I hope this problem can be solved-Denise
Dear JJChef and Misty, I found the listings under closed in Auctiva. But you have to reimport the listings as I described above. Don't forget to check for more pages 1-2-3 etc. They were hard for me to find, since they are to the far left at the top of the page. They should be in a folder called Imported listings.
I am going to do somemore today, so if I have left out any instructions, old (I mean odd) you know. Good luck if you have any more questions, post them on this thread. I will try to answer as best I can. Good Luck
Ok I am having trouble. I am trying to relist items from my auctive saved column and I go in and click post now and it goes thru its motion of saying it is being posted to ebay, but after even 5 min or so it still never posts. So I tried going into the closed section and just click beside the item and then go above and hit import.. and you said it should automatically to to my saved? I did that also and nothing. What can I possible be doing wrong..??
Originally posted by 503penn:
Here is what one listing is saying..

The token has been invalidated, the user must complete the Auth & Auth sign in process again.

What does this mean?

I'd guess you need to generate a new token at Auctiva but I can't remember where you actually do that..

Have you recently changed your eBay password or anything like that?

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