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Our IT team has been investigating the reports of problems accessing the site, but so far they haven't found anything that indicates a problem on our side. They will continue to monitor the situation and if they are able to identify the problem, they'll be working towards a resolution ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding & patience while we try to locate the source of the issue.
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We apologize to those who experienced issues connecting to our site this morning.

We have been investigating the issue and at this point don't have a clear indication of what the issue was that caused some users not to be able to connect.

We have monitoring both internally and externally of our sites. All of our monitoring reflects that the site was up and available during the time that some users were having issues connecting. Further, our graphs show that our site was serving traffic during the time that some have reported they were unable to access it. This leads us to believe that the problem might have been caused by a faulty internet router between us and those customers that were impacted. We are currently investigating to see if we can prove our theory.

It is our understanding that at this time the customers who had a problem are no longer experiencing issues. However, we are continuing to investigate to see if we can find a cause.

Again, we apologize for the issues that some of you experienced, if we do find a problem with a router outside of our network we will work with that ISP to rectify the situation.

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