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Hi everyone. I am just trying out my first Auctiva listing and cannot get the return policy to show up in the preview. I made a "checkout" profile and clicked the link to get return policy window, filled it out and clicked "submit" I upload that into my listing and only the payment info comes up?? Also, I chose a template, and the item description is in the template format, but not the shipping, payment, etc? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for all help!
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1) Return policy does not appear in preview, I think it should but then it does not show counters or the scrolling gallery either.

2) After selecting the template for your listing did you then select your sellers details, you could have more than one.

If you have then you need to check that that the template tags for shipping, payment etc are in the template.

Any template tags with blank text fields appear to be ignored (not even the title is displayed) I generallly leave them all in place and fill out the ones I want which makes it easier when updating thier contents at a later date.

Incidentally when editing the listing the "Template Title" field can be left as is, this defaults to the listing title. Smile

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