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Hello everyone,
I just found a mistake in my ebay auction which I posted through auctiva. It is a small error that I would like to correct. I went on auctiva's "Active Listing" Tab but couldnt find a way to revise my listing. Do I have to go through ebay to do this and will revising my item through ebay hurt my auctiva layout in any way? Such as the template or scrolling gallery, etc?
Thank you all in advance!!
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Hi there, revising items listed through auctiva is easy - I always make mistakes and end up having to revise an active listing. Simply go onto ebay and sign into your account then go to the listing that needs revising and click the revise item tab. Then adjust whatever mistake you have made. If the item has been bid on though the revisions you can make become more limited. I hope this helps.
Hello: I have been trying to switch an Online Auction listing to a Fixed Price and it does not give me that option. I have tried this by going through Auctiva and through Ebay revisions and it options are not there. What am I doing wrong. I have been able to do simple revisions through Ebay, but I can't do this switch. Thanks!

You need a FB score of at least 10 in order to do a Fixed Price. I tested one of my Auctions and I DID have the option to change it. And it has to be done thru Ebay's revision page if it's already running. But if you're FB isn't up to 10 yet or you're unverified with Ebay, I don't think you can list at Fixed Price.

This link might help you...

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