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I am using one of your great templates. What I would like to have happen is have the ABOUT US description to be centered below the last picture or the SHIPPING description whichever one is lower. That way I can get rid of the empty space on the right. This is an example of one of my listings:

Thank you
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I know the look that you are wanting to achieve because that is something that I've been thinking about doing myself.

However...its tough to automate that since there are so many variables in the mix. I mean, if you have a different number of pictures or if the size of the pictures is different then it will throw things off again. Also, if you change the length of the description of an item in one listing versus the others, again things will get out of whack...

So...with all that said...

Are you looking for something to be dynamic and change depending on the number of pictures and the length of the descriptions... Or do you want to make ONE listing in this format and keep using that same format over and over again?

Making ONE listing like you want it would not be too difficult, but if you want something dynamic then you'll probably need to get the folks at Auctiva involved (or pay someone else) to make up a template that works that way...

Just my thoughts...
I am having the same problem, and as you said, it can be done if you are just doing it to a template that has ALL the same size pictures, it can be done right? All my pictures are the same, and I want to create ONE template that I can interchange the same size logos with. So, in essence, the picture sizes will never change, but the pictures themselves will. Can it be done within a reasonable amount of time? I would love to have some help on this one and I'm probably to newest to HTML on this whole site. Hope to hear something from someone soon!

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