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I inadvertantly added a second category to a number of my items. Looking at the advanced edit feature, I SHOULD be able to remove that second category, but when I select "eBay Store Category (Second)" as the field I wish to edit, I am presented with a page which simply doesn't function. It has a drop-down arrow sign, but no options either to replace or delete the second category. I am using the most up-to-date version of Chrome.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a problem with the Auctiva advanced edit feature?
Stuart Fraser
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Hello Vinylscot -

Please note that the options available in the Advanced Edit tool are for your eBay store categories and not the primary eBay categories, so these options would only be active for your Saved Listings if you have an eBay store and have your categories imported into your Auctiva account.

So, if you have an eBay store and do not have have your categories imported into your Auctiva account, you can select 'eBay' from the My Account menu of your account and then use the 'Update eBay Preferences' button to import them.

However, the Advanced Edit tool does not have the capacity to change either the first or second eBay category for your Saved Listings - the options are specifically available for eBay store categories as noted in the pull down menu.

Unfortunately, there is no option at this time to alter your first or second eBay categories in bulk on your listings. Please keep in mind that the listing creation page is dynamic and if you change your eBay category other elements of the page may change, requiring further editing of your listings.

- Craig
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