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Just wondering if anyone was having extremely slow sales this past week? Not just slow because it's summer. My sales have dropped from 10-15 a day to 1 store sale a day for about 6 days now. My traffic has dropped over 85% since this same time last year. My weekly sales total dropped 90% in one week. I have never had such a terrible week since I started selling a few years ago. Or such a drastic drop in sales & traffic. Something VERY strange is happening and I'm getting worried...
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Hi, that's eBay, seasonal, faddy buyers, holidays, TV, warm evenings, football . . .

You don't say what country you are in but the second half of August gets pretty slow here in the UK as potential buyers spend hours out on the warm evenings, roll on autumn and short days. (Well that is what the eBay seller side of me says) Smile

Best thing is to take a break until September, the kids go back to school and garbage TV drives people back to trawling for a bargain on eBay, probably the most expensive interactive plaything/computer game created Cool
Yes it is terrible right now.Under my other Ebay account for my business I sell cars and I had a Mercedes listed that was easily worth 13,000 dollars and it got one bid of 9,500 not even close to what I have in it.On my personal account I sell mostly small items with the exception of A Willys jeep I am listing right now to see if I can drive sales to my other items. Hopefully that helps
Browsing categories is becoming more and more difficult as eBay removes many sub-categories in favour of item specifics.

Many buyer and sellers are up in arms on eBays's boards over this as they do not allow the buying experience that buyers want. I find that the items specific pertinent to some items I sell do not even exist yet so no sub-category no suitable item specific so no browsers.

Buyers give up when faced with a category containing 800 + items and another some 1500+ they will only look at the most recent or earliest finishing most in between will be ignored.

We are losing the supermarket scenario, where a buyer pops in for one thing and ends up with a basket or trolley load through impulse buying.

For eBay the equation is many listings, few get viewed, a proportion get sales, eBay always gets fees regardless, so why care Mad
This is now my 7th day of abnormally slow sales. I am selling 90% less than I usually do. I just all stopped on August 1st & it is like my store & items do not exist. I have been selling for 2 1/2 years & I never had anything like this happen. I find it VERY STRANGE that I went from 10-15 sales a day to 1-2 all of a sudden. It's like my store just disappeared altogether. I don't get it!
Choo - Oops! Thanks for bringing me back to reality, I almost forgot - must be getting old. You're right, they all want to stuff their pockets today, after all, tommorow might never come. Real visionaries.

dvchic - You are right, that is a stress producer. It may not be you, or ebay, but could just be a normal fluke of the marketplace. You might want to consider doing some market research to see what is happening in your particular category, which includes many other sellers(otherwise all you see are your own sales). Terapeak is great for this kind of marketing info. They can give you a wealth of current sales info, or trends going back a much as 2 years. Some of the info is free, some is paid, depending on the level of detail you want. Great site.
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