Why has the sales page been changed? It always showed the auction ending price, now it includes postage (but not handling).

I know everyone has a different method of using Auctiva's tools. What I do is print out the packing list and use that to pull my items and mark down package size and weight. (I deal in collectibles; every package is unique).

Then I take the packing list to fill in the shipping label.

Since the packing list doesn't include the ebay ID (just their actual name and e-mail address), the only thing I had to easily match the packing list to an item in the sales list was the selling price. But now, you've included postage (but not handling ... and that varies from item to item for us), I have NOTHING I can use at a glance.

It's much more useful to me to see my sold items listed by final value/selling price, not a combined value + postage.

Any reason for that change?

And while I'm at it, is there a reason you don't print the eBay ID on the packing list?

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Hi webuyit2,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. I was able to reproduce the issue you mentioned with respect to the "Amount" field on the eBay Sales page and have forwarded the details of the issue to our technical team for further investigation. I am hopeful that we will be able to make that field reflect the item cost along once again.

I am not aware of any current plans to update our packing slips to display the buyer or sellers eBay username, but we will treat that question as a suggestion and take it into consideration when planning future site updates.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue may be causing. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option.


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