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Just something to consider... April is National Donate Life Month. Please consider becoming an organ donor and let your family know of your wishes.

This site will allow you to download a donor card and answer questions related to organ donation. Thanks to all who view this posting.
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I think they can use tissue and other such items. My poor body has been rung through the ringer. But whatever I can give, I'll give. And yes, you could have a donor card, be a donor on your driver's license, and your family could still say no. It's easier for the transplant people to approach a family if you have a card or it's on your license.

You can't take your organs with you to heaven. And heaven knows we need them here. Smile
Not only am I an organ donor...I've also got my Living Will Ready.

Everyone get their Living Will in order and discuss this with those that are close to you.

It is VERY important that those that love you know your wishes.

Dang straight I'm an organ donor...there won't be much left after the cremation...why keep it?

I can't imagine any good reason why another wouldn't have a strong want or desire to be an organ donor.

Thanks for the posting,

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