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Is there a way to separate the "saved listings" from the "recycled listings"?

I work on my listings, get the basics down and then save them. Later on I go back in and add the descriptions in more detail, i.e. length of sleeve, inseam, and occasionally a photo which I forgot to download.

When I go back to "Saved Listings" they are intermingled with listings that have already been or are still being auctioned.

Could you add a section for those auctions that are in the process of being assembled and does not include the recycled ones?
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Originally posted by Auctiva David:
If you want to further organize your saved listings, you can create Folders to put them in. For example make a folder called 'Listings in Progress' and put all your incomplete listings in it. Then you can filter your listings on the saved listings page to only show the ones that you want via the Folder dropdown menu Smile

Yes, this is exactly what I would like. Now, how is this done? I need a step by step tutorial.

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