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I created an Items Detail Profile, but there are a few things that it will NOT let me save. I thought that any of the options you choose would be saved in the profile, but here is where I am having some trouble.

I do have a consignor set up, but in the items details profile, I uncheck the box for "Is this a consignment item?" so that when I start with this profile in my Master I want it to be unchecked - but it will not save it without the consignor item being checked.

Also, some of the formatting of the Item Description section will not format with spaces between lines of text. I do not care how many times I have tried, it puts it back to where it was originally.

I can change other areas of the item details profile page, but these two are giving me FITS!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using IE7 as my browser.
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Here is the Auctiva solution from the support help that works for the blank lines:

Try setting the format drop menu to "normal" then use the "enter" key. When you do this, I found out that my situation was that the drop down was "blank". The cursor will change smaller letting you know that the format is "normal"

As for the consignor checkbox not being able to be saved with it unchecked? This is a known bug and they say that they are working on it and should have it solved either the end of this week or next week.

Hope this helps.....

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