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I been using this site for about 2 months. I just ran into a shipping problem. I looked to see if there was an issue similar to mine, but I did not find one. I usually use flat rate shipping, but when I hit preview it says local pick up only, so I tried calculated shipping, and the preview is still saying local pick up. Any suggestions? Or should I just contact help support? Please help! I want to post something in about 2 hours! Thanks!
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Hey guys,

Just got notice of eBays 20 cent listing day and started in on my listings getting them ready when I ran into this new upgrade Auctiva put in (allowing you to choose like Calculated Domestic and Flat Rate International shipping) and seen that it only saved in Pick Up Local Only mode.. UGH..

I filed a ticket.. and couldn't see anything posted here on the community forum from support, so hopefully they get to it soon.

Best regards,
Hi Community,

I am pleased to report that the issue that was previously causing the "Local Pick Up" option to be displayed on the listing preview pages when different shipping options were actually selected in the listings has been resolved.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:


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