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Hi guys,

I know many of you must be doing this, but after poking around Auctiva, I couldn't figure quite out how.

Basically, say, I have a listing, and I want to list it at 8pm, every day. That's it.

Unfortunately, the auto-relisting feature from ebay, and therefore, Auctiva, will fail over time, because:

1. eBay's timing is really bad, a listing will not be relisted immediately even if you choose so. Instead, it can be relisted 10 or 30 minutes after it ended. Then, over several weeks or months, a listing you schedule at 8PM will be listed at 10pm or 12am.

2. BIN makes it worse. If that listing has BIN, then it will be relisted at any time right after somebody bought it with BIN. It could be 3am in the morning when nobody is watching.

So all I want is launch a listing at a specific time of the day, for every day, 365 days a year.

Something like a "Launch Profile" can probably do that, but I couldn't find such options.

Vendio allows me to do at, but Vendio doesn't support CAD$ or Canada Post as courier, so I'm not inclined to use it.

Could someone point me to the right direction on how to achieve this? Or is it possible to do that in Auctiva at all?

Thank you very much.
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