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I had several scheduled listings not post to Ebay yesterday. I didn't get the chance to check them yesterday as I wanted to. Now, I have at least 4 that were scheduled that didn't post and only 1 that shows an error. No reason given for the error.
These were to be listed when Ebay had the 20 cent listings. They didn't post. That is surely costing me money and I don't feel I should have to pay the regular fees to post them today!!!!!!
That really aggravates me when I work hard to try and get my listings together and count on Auctiva to do their job.
Will Auctiva post them now and pay the difference in the listing fees?????????????
These were not cheap items that had small listing fees either. That is why I wanted to wait and do them when Ebay had a sale.
I am aggravated to say the least.
Did anyone else experience this problem yesterday?
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Red Face Well I think I owe Auctiva an apology. As I said I had not been able to check my listing yesterday. When I checked today, I was missing about 4 listings I KNEW I had scheduled.
I turns out that Ebay had removed them! (I had a link that I guess I shouldn't have had in them.) Red Face
I wasn't aware of this since I didn't have any message from Ebay on this.
So, Auctiva....I have opened my big mouth and inserted my big foot!
(I will check more thoroughly next time)

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