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So I schedule a ton of items to go up between 6 and 7pm, scheduler decides not to help me out. I thought it might be due to the time change and they'd go up between 7 and 8, still no go. This is a simple process, I don't believe I made a mistake. I checked to see if it attempted but had errors, nope on that one too. They're all sitting there nice and tidy with their green "Ready" labels, all ready to go.

So what's the deal? Now I need to go into all of them and hit post separately? Waste a little of my precious time, get them up late, all in a day's work. Sorry I'm a bit annoyed. What's the problem? Can I trust this scheduler or not? I need the scheduler to work otherwise I can no longer use Auctiva. If this was a fault of mine, please let me know what I might have done. If it was an auctiva error, please fix that, thank you, so I can stop screaming at my computer and my neighbors no longer think I'm insane.

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I do know that the time clock was wrong on the servers earlier in the day, but it looks like they were jumped ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time recently. It's possible that reset may have something to do with the auctions not going off on schedule or failing to schedule.

Possible Theory....if the auction was set for posting on 3/9/2008 at 8:00 pm and around 7:45 pm the clock was jumped ahead one hour, the time would be 8:45 and any auction scheduled for 8:00 pm is no longer valid or whatever.

I have checked, and the clocks have been reset to correct time since my last post on the subject this afternoon. I don't know exactly when they were changed, but that is at least a possible cause.


Oh....and if you locate my other post on the Timeclock not correct, you'll see I was concerned that this type of problem could occur with a spontaneous reset without prior warning.

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