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Hi Could somebody give me some advice I am new to autivia I been listing away and found it to be really easy and self explanatory.

I now come to the scheduling part and need some simple advice please. I want to list 400 items a day between 5pm and 11pm uk time. auctions going one a minute is there anyway this can be done at auctivia end or do I have to do this my self and how.

best wishes and many thanks ChrissyX
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Hi ChrissyX,

Yes, you can accomplish this through Auctiva, however, to make your items begin 1 minute apart, you will have to schedule each item individually using the "Schedule" button on the Saved Listings page or the lister page for each individual listing. Then, when you are scheduling each item, just choose start times that are one minute apart.

IF you would like further assistance, feel free to file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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