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Hi all,

Anybody know why my Scolling Gallery only shows items with bids? Confused

I have tried selecting different items within the 'Manage items' tab and this also only finds my items with bids? Confused

Usually it finds all items and I can select which items I want to display? Frown

Is this a new bug or have I overlooked something??? Confused

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Smile

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Hi Marco333,

This may be due to some kind of timing issue. The scrolling gallery repopulates every couple of hours, although sometimes it takes longer. So it may just have not updated to include the items with no bids.

There's no setting that you can accidentally turn on that would limit the gallery to only show items with bids, so it is likely a temporary happening.

If it is still 'misbehaving' I would suggest filing a support case and let the support techs look into what the problem might be.

Hope this helps.

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