I noticed that the image banner was blocking some of my text in my listings the other day- I had to revise and drop the text lower

Did I miss something or did Auctiva decide to place them at top of listing?
Not sure if this is distracting to viewer or not Frown
If there is such a thing as a black hole - then yipee ! I finally found a place to hide all my stuff.....
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Hi Katy, yes they were moved a month ago maybe, you need to change the default position of the gallery you can get to that via the store tab -> edit scrolling gallery where you can also update or modify the colours and text parts of it too.

Note that text changes will appear after an hour or two most other changes apply to listings subsequently posted to eBay ot live ones.

Live ones can be modified by copy/paste of the updated HTML of the scrolling gallery also available on the store tab. Smile
Not sure if this is distracting to viewer or not

I think it is, I always place it at the bottom let the potential buyer read the listing they have found first then look at more items as alternatives or add ons for potential shipping discounts. Smile

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