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Hello Jenuine-Motor -

Apologies for the delayed response.  

As long as you have your account preferences set to "Yes" for appending the scrolling gallery, the gallery should append automatically to your listings either when you post from your Auctiva account or when your listings import from eBay if you have posted them from eBay.  You can check this by selecting Acct. Preferences from the My Account menu after logging in to your account; it is in the Listing Enhancements section of your preferences.

There are some issues which can prevent the gallery from getting appended, such as having partial gallery code in the listing which can occur if a listing has been edited on eBay and/or you used create similar or copy from such a listing.  Any time you run into difficulty with the gallery, we suggest that you file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the issue and a few example item numbers where trouble is occurring so our agents can have a look and get the issue resolved.

I took a look at a few of the currently active listings from your account and find that there was partial gallery code in them, which would prevent a new gallery from being appended.  Unfortunately, it is not complete enough for the gallery to run, so I have run a command from our end to remove the code, if possible.  (Our tool for this depends on the gallery code being intact to operate properly).  Fortunately, there was a sufficient amount of the code remaining where I was able to remove the gallery and then run another command to have it append again and the scrolling gallery is now showing correctly on your currently active listings.

 - Craig


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