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I sell in the Adult DVD category. My Scrolling Gallery works great, and I my listings are working great. I am now selling Non Adult DVD's & Blu-Rays on eBay. I am wondering if the Scrolling Gallery will show my Adult DVD's when someone looks at my non Adult listings. I seem to remember a conversation with someone at Auctiva regarding this. Although it has been a while. I seem to remember that it depended on the permissions granted the user by eBay. So a person who has not been given permission would not see the Adult listings in Scrolling Gallery. Is this correct?

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Hello SpunkyBob -

the scrolling gallery will only show your adult items when a buyer is logged in to an approved eBay account and is looking in an adult category. Your non adult items should be the only ones showing in the gallery on non adult listings. eBay requires an age verification for accounts to view adult items.

- Craig

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