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Please help. for some unknown reason(s)my scrolling gallery has disappeared. It shows that it is enabled, but does not show in my store nor in my Ebay listings. What happened? To make things worse my Ebay promotional link does not show either. Thanks for your help which I need badly
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Oh My Gosh! So I not the only one that this is happening to... My Gallery dissapeared yesterday, so I emailed Auctiva and they responded very quickly with an email, which I thought was great.

But, the not so great part is that they said that it would take hours... I think they said 4... to have it fixed. This was yesterday.

Today, it is happening again... and I'm wondering why? Does this sort of thing happen often? I'd really like to know so that I know what to expect?

This is so important to me because almost everything that I sell is in my store.... and I post regular auctions up on Fri, Sat. and Sunday to get my potential customers in my auctions to hopefully place bids, and Also to see my store inventory.

Please, someone?

Thanks so much!

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