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I am new to Auctiva. I listed several items and I noticed the scrolling gallery is in the middle of some of my templates, sometimes the scrolling gallery is at the top of the template, and sometimes it is at the bottom. I would like all of my active listing to have the scrolling gallery at the bottom. How do I do this? Can I fix a this problem in a active listing? How do I prevent this from happening in the future?
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Sounds like the tag for the scrolling gallery is being moved around when editing. Best to check your templates.

By default the SG is placed at the top of the listing (if not specified by a tag) but you can change the default via the store tab.

You can change an active listing that has not any bids. Edit the original on Auctiva, even if just to open and save once the default position setting has been changed.

Then from the saved folder copy/paste the HTML of the updated listing into the live listing via ebay->revise item.

Very much as I said on another thread earlier today (UK time)!
Hi Cooltools77 ....

In addition to Choo's response..(he beat me to the usual! Frown Smile )
Here's some more info (found using 'Find' search function w/ [ Scrolling Gallery Placement] key terms. ((sugg: also try and look thru the FAQ's))

by Auctiva Mike D. / 11/08/07
" In order to change the default placement of the scrolling gallery, please click the "Edit Scrolling Gallery" link under the "Store" tab within your account, check the radio button next to "Below Description", and then click the "Save Changes" button. Once you have made this change, the scrolling gallery will be placed at the bottom of any listings posted thereafter."

" that you have changed the placement of the scrolling gallery in the "Edit Scrolling Gallery" section of your Auctiva account, any listings posted after that change was made will reflect the new scrolling gallery placement. However, the scrolling gallery will retain the same placement in your listings in which it was already present."

"...If you are re-posting your items from your Auctiva "Saved Listings" page, they will reflect the newly specified scrolling gallery placement, however, if you are relisting them using the "Relist" button on your "Closed Listings" page, the relisted items will reflect the same scrolling gallery placement as the original, unsold listing."

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