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Hello akkkkkp -

It is unclear what you refer to - Firefox and Chrome both still support the Flash player and I have checked a few listings on eBay in both of these browsers and the scrolling gallery still appears correctly when viewed through them.

If you are encountering difficulty with the gallery appearing on your listings, please feel free to file a support case with us, letting us know your browser and operating system information and including the item numbers of a few items where this is occurring for you and we will be happy to assist you with it.

- Craig
Hello -

Thanks for getting back to us with that additional information. I have ensured that our product management team is aware of this situation and looking into alternative solutions, although at present the gallery is still showing up correctly on active listings in Firefox and Chrome when tested.

Please feel free to let us know if you encounter difficulty with the gallery on your listings and I will update this thread should more information regarding this situation should more information become available.

Hi Craig
Chrome no longer allows Flash content to run automatically, so buyers have to specifically click on the Scrolling Gallery to see it working.

In Firefox, I have Flash only activated on request, so I can't even see there's a Gallery there (just a big grey rectangle).

Following general security advice, there is growing pressure for websites to move away from using Flash and start using the facilities built into HTML5.

Is Auctiva now working on an HTML5 version of the scrolling gallery? (This might have the benefit of working in mobile browsers too!)

(Only just registered with Community, but an Auctiva user since 2009!)

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