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Probably been asked and answered a dozen times, but how do you put the "scrolling store window" or "showcase" whichever you want to call it on the bottom of the listing? Outside of it, or below it to be more precise.

I know it can be done. I've seen a lot of Auctive "scrolling showcase store windows" this way. Not on the top. The box automatically goes to the bottom, but not the "scrolling" horizontal one. I suppose you can post the listing without it, then use the code to edit it "afterwords" in eBay. But that's a pain.

Any insights or help....of course GREATLY appreciated. all. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY!
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The "scrolling" store window is set to appear at the top of each listing. However, you can put it wherever you'd like by inserting the store window html into the html description.
The store window html can be found at Auctiva -> Store -> Store Window -> Store Window HTML.

You may want to check out the "full" version of the store window, as it is set to appear at the bottom of each listing. To preview, go to Auctiva -> Store -> Store Window -> Edit Store Window.



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