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Hi. Did you maybe insert them using the checkbox on some and unchecked on others in the listing details window?

Other sellers' items may not be showing because they haven't had time to index if you recently listed them. Mine take 6-8 hours consistently.

I tried finding your listings and there were none with the user ID you have here. Would you post a link please? You're allowed to put a link to your other items in your signature if you want.
Hi there; thanks for your response. I am new to Auctiva and all my listings were imported when I registered. I then ticked the ones I wanted to appear in the gallery. I have checked the first couple of items and the gallery did not appear in either of them - this was more than 24 hours later. My user ID on E-bay is mariakii - I will try to find how to add the link you spoke of. Thanks so much for your help.
Hi Maraki,

I just reviewed your account and verified that all of your active eBay listings have been imported into your Auctiva account, and that a selection of 14 of those listings are properly being displayed in your scrolling gallery. I also initiated a command to append the scrolling gallery to your listings so, if any of your listings still do not have the scrolling gallery, it should be added to them within the next few hours.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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