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yesterday when I went to "sell similiar" on ebay....that's how I list. My scrolling gallery didn't seem to transfer to my new listing.

Will someone please look at this listing 8266751057 (scroll down) as an example and let me know if the window will automatically update when it's scheduled to or if I need to go replace the HTML that is already there.

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In order for the listing that you have noted here to have the scrolling store window added to it, you will need to go to the store tab, click on store window>Store Window HTML. Then copy the code in the box on that page. Go back to eBay and edit your listing, paste in the store window HTML where you would like it to be displayed.
I am not sure where to post this email. But the auctiva 'alert' said to holler if all was not well. My store windows are still empty except for just a couple pictures. Second problem is my catagory names are incorrect in the moving store window part. The store catagory names do not match the catagories I choose from when making a listing with auctiva. Thanks, Fraydknot
Good Morning Auctiva, Darn if the all the store pictures are empty this morning. For a moment the pictures were there last night. Now the moving store windows are blank. Help please. Thank you, fraydknot
My second problem concerns the catagories listed in the store header just above the window of moving pictures. Those catagories are wrong. I will ask ebay about them. Thanks

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