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Sunday is Savings Day

Sale starts this week with 10 day auctions or Sunday with 7 day auctions!

What is sd98?

sd98 is a group of eBay sellers that are offering all sd98 items starting at only 98¢ with NO reserve.

All auctions end on the 1st Sunday of each month.

If you are an eBay seller make sure to look at how sd98 can help your business.


Sign up Here:
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Isn't this for sdMembers? I never do it, but I've always wondered. If it is, why don't we do an Auctiva .95 Super Sunday? This beats both .99 and .98. Besides, it adds up better being that it ends in a five, lol.

I was already going to start my relists on Sunday for hard to sell items and drop many to .95. I don't use, Auctiva to list myself. Start an Auctiva trend, start something new over here. It's time, Auctiva members started their own trends.

Call it, ??? How about some cool easy to remember names people....


It doesn't necesarily have to be Auctiva oriented. It's a group of sellers having a super sale on Sunday. It could be just .95 or .95 up to ??? If we don't make it lister oriented, then we can incorporate sellers from everywhere. Not just the listing service used.

Something to consider.
Considering it will only be SpareDollar until June, sd98 will become outdated.

Personally, I would rather be a part of a Sunday Sale group separate from a listing service. I don't use, Auctiva's service. I've tried their service and that's why I praise it. I use a desktop service because it better suits my needs. Anyway, a sale group in and of itself would be more to my liking.

I'll be doing relists on Sundays, some starting at .95 and up to $5.00. I might call it my Super Sunday Sale! SSS for short. Or a better name if I can think of one. I wouldn't mind being part of a group, BUT all of the rules and nosey members might not be to my liking. It would depend. Let me know, if you put one together.
I thought SD was for SunDay. SunDay is Savings Day with SD98... But as Danielle said, it does not stand for SD and anyone can participate!

More and more of the participants are not SD members.

It seems like the more participants we have, the better we do. I'd love to see people combine forces and use SD98, as a group of sellers. If people want to start an Auctiva95 or whatever, that's fine, but much of the hard work has already been done with SD98 and everyone here is welcome to participate!

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