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I was under the impression that the second line for description wording (for an additional fee) was included when someone runs a search. I found out this to be not true. I would like to maybe change some of the wording to go to the 1st line instead for better searching by a potential customer. There are no bids yet on my auction and there is more than 12 hours left.

Also, can the amount, BIN, reserve price be added/deleted/changed if there is no bids and more than 12 hours left.

Because my descriptive words above were not bringing in the amount of lookers because of the error I made in putting the better choice of wording in the second line and this has hurt my auction, would anyone out there consider ending the auction early?

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Actually you may as well let it run...ebay has already charged you. By 'second line' I think you mean the subtitle? You've already been charged for that, and in all honesty I always thought it a waste of money. There is plenty of room in the TITLE for a description of your item, it doesn't even have to sound like a sentence...use keywords only. Never use words like 'LOOK' or even worse 'HARD TO FIND'. Takes up too much valuable space.

Since I can't see the auction you're talking about, this is your call...if you think it would sell better with a complete rewrite, then go for it. If I knew for a fact I would attract alot more bidders with a better title, I would do it, but that's just me.

I think you can change your BIN (not positive on that one) but as before, you've already been charged a listing fee based on the price you have now. And I would never chage anything in an auction if I had even one watcher, that would be a real turnoff (unless it was for the better Smile )

Good luck, whatever you do Smile

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