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Hello! I've been curious about Auctiva Commerce and was surprised when I read the pricing details for selling. I feel like this is a clone of being a PowerSeller on eBay! The more you sell, the more they take. Interesting that Auctiva states that they don't do this but what else is it called when you're charged more by sales volume? That doesn't seem right to me, it never has.

I have a Network Solutions store with as my payment gateway and $99 as a set store fee per month. This seems like a much better deal. BUT, with eBay still being the top auction site, and this being an eBay product, it will be easier for users to find stores.

Any thoughts from anyone about the prices, particularly from anyone that has had a different eCommerce site?

Thank you!
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How is paying $99 a month a better deal than paying $10 a month (plus a very small fee on sales over $200?) I usually only sell between $1,000-$2,000 a month on eBay anyway, and with the Auctiva Commerce store my fees would only be a little over $50. My ebay fees currently run at about 10% of my total sales (which is $100-$200/mo.)
It's not hard for me to figure out where I am going to set up shop!

I don't know what you mean when you say "this being an eBay product...." This is not an ebay product at all--were you referring to your Network Solutions store?
I must have read the pricing incorrectly. Definitely!

Under the FAQ's, see this, "A billing processor is mandatory only for some of the Payment Methods featured on Auctiva Commerce. PayPal will require an integrated billing processor in order to complete these orders. You do not need an integrated billing processor for Checks and Purchase Orders. To learn more about integrated billing processors and the Payment Gateway feature in Auctiva Commerce, read the "How to add a Payment Gateway" tutorial."

I need to read more about this. If PayPal (an eBay owned company), will require an integrated billing processor, I'd like to know what the fees are - if you pay PayPal and/or

I'll have to do more research.............thanks.

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