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Used 'sell similar' to list an auction...I finally noticed (after 6 days and many bids) the title on the template did not reflect the NEW auction title. It kept the original info which was totally wrong. Had to cancel all bids and end the listing.

So I tried to revise it but it continually keeps the old title. I even tried a different template and it too kept the old title. What's going on??

BTW I have several auctions up and this is the only one I had trouble with.
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Hi member_8880,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing.

Our system is set up such that the “Template Title” field will update automatically to reflect changes made to the “Title” field when creating similar listings *if* the contents of those two fields were the same previously.

On the other hand, if the contents of the “Title” and “Template Title” fields do not match when you make changes to the “Title” field, it is expected that the “Template Title” field would not update automatically. In that case, you would just need to update the “Template Title” field manually if desired.

I hope this explains things. If the listing you created similar from in this case did have the same details in the “Title” and “Template Title” fields, please contact our Customer Support team directly from under the “Help” tab on our site and we will look into things further.


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