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Why is the only choice for a counter within the listings a sellathon counter?
Isn't sellathon a paid service (after the free trial)?

It kind of lends to the notion of bait and switch. (free service .... if you don't use these features)

A nice simple javascript counter with very limited metrics could be a nice option to offer. Especially if a user isn't interested in sitting there, watching their stats roll over.
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I thought the same thing until I saw what sellathon offers for only $4.95/month. Now I'm hooked on sellathon, however if auctiva won't offer another counter (which they wont make money on) then the work around might be to post a listing thru auctiva, then manually go into your listing on ebay, revise, and add andale. That's the type of revision that ebay allows even after someone bids/buys.
ack, I hate things being appended. Ya, I know we append store windows to many peoples listings, but honestly I think getting the HTML and putting it into a listing directly is the way to go. All those listings with 3-4 things appended look sloppy and are quite distractive

I currently have running listings on eBay that were launched through another service.
I do not have anything listed through auctiva yet.
If I were to turn on my store window, would all of my current listings be appended with the auctiva store window?

Could this be changed to place the store window only on listings launched through auctiva?

We currently don't have a setting for only adding the store window to auctions posted via Auctiva.

Although... what might work, is to turn store window off, then get the HTML for the store window (available from the "store" tab) and include that in your description for items posted with us. A little bit of a pain, but I think it will accomplish what you're looking for.


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