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Jeff, a couple I can think of right off the bat...

1) More efficient use of the space on the homepage, for starters. The "Viewtracker" folder list on the homepage simply lists the category numbers. It'd be nice to see actual names in their, instead. YES, you can change them manually, but what a pain...

2) Make it so that the download tool "remembers" the last item you downloaded, so it can pick up at the newest entry only, and not download duplicates.

I'll think of more...
If memory serves (and sometimes it doesn't) Auctiva purchased Sellathon in January.

There's a postings on the boards here.

Yep Biscuit..same Sellathon, new owner.

I really like using Sellathon (I only sign up for the paid service about once every six months to learn the newest key words buyers are using in search).

Thanks for the input Biscuit that it's more's almost time for me to sign up for a month.

Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
Do you have anything specific in mind that you'd like to see?

The first thing we did is actually make the site work. It was miserably slow before due to underpowered servers and databases.

Is anything being done about the underpowered servers and databases. I haven't been able to log on since Friday. It seems that these outages are occurring more frequently.

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