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You have to register to see the stats but the first 30 days used to be free, best look at the site to confirm.

The counter alone does not require registration but when users click on it they used to show some stats you may not want others to see, however you can selectively disable those available to buyers and that stays in force even after the free or paid period runs out.

I tend to just sign up for a month at a time and as it requires a direct debit to be sent from PayPal, set it up join, then once the first payment has been made cancel the direct debit.

Don't bother emailing Sellathon to tell them to cancel it because you have to do that via your PayPal account.

For further details please look at the Sellathon site. Smile
thanks for the input: I spent some time on Sellathon and ViewTracker website earlier this evening ...there's more info in your reply than on their websites, which btw are so dated I can't believe it.

Just posted my first Auctiva auction a few hours ago, and I am so put-off with that "CLick here to see my other items, ranked by popularity" that this will probably be my first and last.

Hi Sandy, not sure whether you spotted it but you can make all those all those stats like 'ranked by' private so they show as 'not available'. And they should stay like that when your subscriprtion expires.

Trouble is with all these services they have their 'surplus' widgets and advertising thrown in regardless as part of thier funding.

Just remember to cancel the PayPal direct debit before the due date otherwise you it will automatically continue.
The Sellathon counters are free for Auctiva users and you can see your counter hits on Auctiva.

The Sellathon service where you log in and get tons of data about the people viewing your auctions, how they got there, what they searched for, where they are from, time of day, day of week, etc, is not free. There is a one month free month trial.
I am new, so don't know the absolute CORRECT answer, but I believe it is free with Auctiva as Jeff suggests above.
But you have to sign onto The Sellathon service to get the "ton" of data. I think for now I can tell where I'm getting the most hits. It tells me in my Auctiva Active Listing.....besides that I don't need any more data. And I am on overload as it is...maybe later when I feel more comfortable clicking around I'll try the free month. Sorry I can't be more help.
When I create a listing the ability to select a Sellathon counter is greyed out and unsellectable. Below it is a notice that I need to create a Sellathon account. however when I click on that and then fill out the form for the Sellathon account it tells me the email address is already in use (probably because a long time ago I used the Sellathon 30 day free trial and then cancelled).

Should I try with another email address or just forget counters altogether?
Do we have to sign up for anything to just see the free Sellathon counters on Auctiva?
No. Your counter hits show in your list of active or closed listings. Click the listings tab, then click the Active or Closed links.

It sounds like there may be an issue with your account because you originally registered a couple years back. If you file a support case they can straighten that out for you. You should be able to select your Sellathon counter when listing.
Just wanted to update that we got this figured out.

Sellathon Support had to reset my account to another 30 day free trial in order to get free counters working. Even though it had been way back in 2006 when I tried it for 30 days and cancelled it was still holding all the info.

Now I guess if after the 30 days I just do nothing and then I'll just have the free counters?
Ok, So now we know that the Free version is always activated by using the Auctiva lister (choose Sellathon) section.
We also know that no registration is required other than following instruction in the "Choose Sellathon" window.
once listed on ebay the counter info is seen only in the Auctiva listings pages called Active listings.

How do I subcribe to the 30 day free trial to the paid version of Sellathon. I think its called "View Tracker 3"?

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