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Can someone explain to me how to edit your General Preferences under Seller details?

I have followed the instructions found in the forums exactly, by going to the Profiles tab, then Manage Seller details where it shows one profile called General Preferences.

When I click the Edit link under Action, it appears to just start the Seller Details creation process all over again (or possibly shows a blank area?, that I may not have filled in before) I don't know which and cannot tell).

All of my listings have this information in them and somehow in the listing creation process it shows to include General preferences in the template section, so I know they are there. Is there any way to see what is stored in the General preferences section without starting all over?

Seems to be a design flaw to not see all the sections of this area (General preferences) at once so you can determine if an area is empty or not. Can someone clue me in ?

just trying to do the right thing, and man sometimes it is hard to do even that
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Just to clarify, is "General preferences" the name you gave to your saved Seller Details profile? When you click the edit link in the action column, your first saved seller details heading (Payment, Shipping, etc) and filled-in text box will display(either text or HTML depending on which mode you have selected, HTML is the default). Unused headings will not appear. It can take 10 or 15 seconds for this to load - make sure you give it time, the last item to load is the heading. Simply edit as required and click "next" to display the next used heading. When you are finished with the editing process, simply save. The only way to see the complete seller detail profile all at once is when you preview your listing.
Hi editing these is a bit basic, you have to step through each text area in turn whether you want to add or put anything in it or not.

Also be careful how you save a new one created from an existing one as it is very easy to overwrite the original. Frown (caught me a few times)

Coo ... overtaken by ninth replying to this one, howdy partner

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