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New event warning that is popping up when I post ... "Seller Profiles will soon be mandatory while creating a new listing. Support for Legacy Shipping, Payment and Returns fields will be going away for business policies opted in sellers."

This sounds a little scary. I would like a little more information is there an article or notice about this change I could take a look at to see how it will impact me?
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Hi Larry -

Were you seeing that message within your eBay account or did you get an API warning message back in your Auctiva account when you posted? Please keep in mind that eBay Business Policies are currently in an opt in beta at this point and the roll-out is still being defined.

At present, our lister is not integrated with the Business Policies but you should still be able to Opt Out of using them on eBay (please see: until this situation is more fully resolved. I will update this thread when more information becomes available.

- Craig

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