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It's time to get your sd98 Auctions ready. Back To School items should be good sellers this month.

For the benefit of those that haven't participated in sd98 before here's a brief description. sd98 is a group of sellers on eBay that get together once a month to offer items with a starting price of 98¢, all of which end on the first Sunday of the month. No additional fees are involved outside the eBay listing fees. The sd stands for either Sunday or Savings Day.

The rules are pretty simple:

1. You must include sd98 in the Auction Title
2. You need to run a minimum of 6 listings to participate
3. Your Auctions need to start at 98¢ with no reserve
4. You need to have a link in your listing to the sd98 Me page on eBay
5. You can use BIN's if you like

Complete Guidelines are located here: http://www.sd98.net/pages/guidelines.html

To get maximum exposure you need to Sign-Up. This will get your eBay user ID, and a link to your auctions, posted on the sd98.net web site and the sd98 Me page on eBay.

The Sign-Up Page is located here: http://www.sd98.net/pages/sign.html

To facilitate the requirement of having a link in your listings to the sd98 Me page on eBay, numerous pre-made templates are available for use. All the regular templates can be easily revised to include all the Auctiva tags. I'll be more then happy to help anyone who needs it!

Pre Made Templates are located here: http://www.sd98.net/pages/templates.html

Or, if you prefer, you can use one of the custom pre made banners and just insert it into one of your favorite templates. It does require a little knowledge of html, however.

Pre Made Banners are located here: http://www.sd98.net/pages/banners.html

10 day auctions start on July 27
7 day auctions start on July 30
5 day auctions start on August 1
3 day auctions start on August 3
**all auctions end on August 6**

Other useful links and help are available on the sd98.net site located here:

Get on Board. If you have questions, or need help, feel free to post here.

Wishing everyone lots of Green.
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aw, damn!!! i missed this one! i have a bunch of cute lil kids wallets and change purses, that would've been perfect! oh well, maybe next time!!

anything like this coming up in the future?

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