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Apparel Sellers,

I am selling my entire prewoned inventory to make room for my new with tags inventory. I have TONS of very nice apparel in excellent condition. I need to move it out! I'll accept $1.00 per item (an outfit counts as 1 item) just to get rid of it. Plus the cost of shipping. This is a fabulous opportunity for sellers in this market. Feel free to email me or call me. My eBay ID is: eFashion2Go. I have to have this gone before next Thursday.

Shipping is pure cost, no handling fees.
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Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Best of Luck Magie, I'll check out your deals and pass them on.

Congrats on the NWT inventory. You've been busy....moving right along and moving up the ecommerce ladder!

Magie is a VERY trusted seller!

Happy Easter!

Thank you, Donna. I appreciate your kind words.

I'm very excited! I will be selling all NWT Macy's and Bloomingdale's apparel from now on. I receive my first shipment next Wednesday. That's why I'm selling my current preowned inventory at $1.00 each piece. (Accidentally listed it .50 each). I have a ton of realy nice items. Suits, dresses (day, evening, prom), separates and more. Most sizes.

A great deal for prewoned sellers.
Congrats Magie!

Glad everything fell into place for you.

You're hard work has paid off. Dreams should never be placed to the side, because one day if a person works hard enough...they do come true!

The Store looks Fabooooo!

I can just guess whose gonna get that preowned inventory. Tell her I said "Hey!"

Drop me a line from time to time..ok?

<shaking pom poms>

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