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Well I'm sure those that sell them aren't going to just give away the secrets Wink

I've played with them a bit but really don't make any money on them between ebay's fees and PP fees you are lucky to break even.

You pretty much only get people who want to get quick feedback so they go looking for the cheep eBooks.

The market is flooded and alot of sellers are giving them away for pennies.

You also risk the chance of negative feedback from the ones who don't read the auction and think you are sending them a real book.

And then there are those who email system stinks and your mail never gets there (mostly AO-hell) resulting once again in negative feedback.

I know some are successful with them but for me it wasn't worth the trouble for my time!

When I had my ebay stores I offered them as add on's and that worked somewhat but as far as the auctions, nope - it was a waste of time Roll Eyes
the reason why some e-books are higher then just 1 cent / penny is that ebay extremely often terminates them for feedback selling perposes, if you only sell ebooks for 1 cent / penny then expect it to be terminated within 1 week or so, if you have it longer, then your very lucky.
do NOT list it as 1,000 or 10,000 , but rather maximum 20 or so

start off with high priced with accept offers, then go lower & lower, in february they are upgrading auctiva system for automatically relist, would be wise then to lets say 1 quantity and then relist when sold or something

the people who are intrested in your items, they are extremely rude, bad people who rip off just about any1, they are the people you should avoid if you buy something on ebay, thus when buyers see that your selling ebooks when they are intrested in other items off you, then you MIGHT loose them as a costumer, as they perhaps think that you are LIKE them, but if you have a lower feedback score then 1,000 then you are missing out on a whole lot off things, sutch as discounts, ebay certificates, etc. etc. etc.

it's a gamble you have to take

but do NOT think that theres profit in it, break-even or loss, the only thing u gain = feedback, with a POSSIBILITY that you get a negative from a buyer who isn't satisfied, very high risk, there are numerous other possibilities to make profit!

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