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I have 8 cups to sell.
I want to sell them is sets of 4.

Do I have 2 Lots with 4 items?

Also if I Auction them.
If I have 2 Lots. I get a bid of $10.00 and lets say another for $12.00 do both lots now become $12.00. Or is one $10.00 and one $12.00?

Or if I post them 2 lots to sell does the buyer have an option to buy just 1 lot or does he have to buy both? At both lots would go to the high bidder.

I know they say the Dutch Auctions were confusing.
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It depends on how you list them. You could make two listings, each one a lot of 4 cups. The bid price of each lot would not affect the other. Or you could list in a multiple or Dutch Auction. If you set the starting bid for each lot of 4 cups at $10 and the only 2 bids you got were $10 & $12 then each bidder would win a lot of 4 cups & each would pay $10. If the $12 bidder bid on 2 & the $10 bidder bid on only 1, the $12 bidder would get both lots, but pay only $10 for each.

In the early days of eBay there were a lot of Dutch auctions. I started buying on eBay in 1998.

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