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I'm practically a newbie to all this eBay selling and the whole thing. Still have a lot to learn but still manage to pull a few sales.

Now I have come to a problem with listing limitations. Apparently I cannot list any more of my items due to this. I tried sending e-mails and getting live help but all the answer are the same - wait 90DAYS and they will raise the limitation according to my sale and feedback record.
I'm thinking, if I can't list anymore how the heck am I suppose to have a sale!?!?
I also called up to ask about this and the agent says that ALL SELLERS have limitations but they are increased or decreased according to the performance.
I have thousands of boxes of sunglasses and eyeglasses that need listing... how long would it take me to list hundreds (at least)??
Does anyone know??!
Would appreciate any support... thx!!
Eyezone Company
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Hey there -
I think it has to do with something else. I list 200 - 300 items a month and I just ran into the same problem. I tried to do a 2nd listing with the word Tiffany in the title - as in "Tiffany Blue". I was told I had to wait 90 days as I exceeded my max listings for that item. My sale was for Favor Boxes with Tiffany Blue ribbon - but ebay picked it up as if I was selling a TIFFANY product. Are you using a name, color or style that is similar to a big ticket brand? I changed my listing to read Tiffny and it posted just fine - I am seeing a lot of sellers having to do the same thing. Long story... not so short... ebay is becoming stricter on listings to prevent "knock-off" items from being sold. The problem is, its only hurting the honest sellers. The "Coach Purse For $20" guy will always find a way around the system! Red Face)
Thank you very much for your reply.
I did get a sense that that would be the problem but I do sell "big ticket brand" and I have everything to prove that they are genuine. It just sucks that I have to change the title or the categories (I did that once and it worked... not anymore...) to get my items listed. It makes me feel like I'm cheating the system to sell knock offs... because I truly hope that my buyers won't get the wrong ideas...
Thank you very much though.
I actually thought that selling limitations were just for the amount of items you list... not considering other stuffs.

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