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I don't list here anymore....but just signed on to check insurance from some old postings and I too am getting the RUNTIME ERROR messages....

I opened a support case the other day, and just now received a message back about my account, but unfortunately it is STILL not functioning properly.

I can sign on to this site, and that's it! ...from there, every link I try goes to RUNTIME ERRORs....and interestingly enough, I asked "why is it that the boards always seem to work fine but the site has very sketchy reliability?"

...hmmm....."still" waiting on a response. LOL

*sigh* I'm glad I left....

9.16pm EST
The latest webserver we added to the rotation of looks like it's not running up to par.

This server will be out of the rotation shortly. All other webservers are running smooth, so it's just luck of the draw (or unluck in this case) if you're hitting the server with the error page right now.

Over the past few weeks, we've made a lot of significant improvements to the backend of Auctiva. You've probably seen a lot of the nightly maintenance messages we've put up as we've added hardware, made database improvements, changed DNS and various other changes to help the speed and uptime of the site. These improvements are to help the immediate needs as well as help us scale for the future.

To be honest, I'm actually excited for 10 cent listing day tomorrow to see how well the changes we've made do on a high traffic day.

Well, I think I'm going to give you guys another try! I haven't listed anything in quite a while due to not having the time to do my eBay stuff, but I have been checking the boards from time to time and have noticed all the problems and changes! Last week I could hardly do anything on Auctiva without an error message of some kind. Today I have been using it a lot with only a few minor kinks, and those may have even been on my end! I am using Internet Explorer and the site seems to be running much, much faster than a few months ago, so I would like to say Thank You for all the hard work, I think it's starting to pay off!

Seeing how much better the site is running I'm going to start using the Auctiva Insurance and checkout again, hopefully I won't be disappointed!

Note: To all those people constantly complaining: Not all sites are like eBay which has almost endless money to spend on Tech. Support, Customer Service Personell, and the latest Hi-Tech hardware and software, so stop expecting problems to be fixed in minutes and questions to be answered in hours. Even eBay can't usually get back to you within 72 hours, and sites like MySpace can take 1-2 months for a response, so for Auctiva to get back within a couple days I would have to say is pretty good!


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