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Setting the Preferred Time Zone to coordinate with eBay’s time when scheduling an auction.

My question is: “How do I coordinate the time setting choice offered within Auctiva with the eBay time settings?”

My issue is, I have my Auctiva time set as shown below, UTC -06:00 (Central Time). That is the correct zone for my location.

In my auction template, I scheduled an auction to begin at 8pm ,(my time, central, utc -6).

My line of though was, considering that my Auctiva account was set to *my* time zone, the auction would enter at 8pm *my* time.

The auction did not enter on my time zone, it entered on another time zone, or someone else’s clock, going in a few hours ahead of 8pm *my* time.

So, when I set my clock, within Auctiva, what does that effect? Why would I set my clock options within Auctiva? What does my Auctiva time zone setting do, change or control?

I want to schedule my auctions to start and end, for example at 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 6pm pacific.

Whose clock and time zone does Auctiva use when determining what time an auction goes in? I set it to go in at 8pm, (my time) and it went in a few hours earlier. Who’s pushing the schedule time? Is everything based on eBay’s time frame, and should I, in order to get my auctions to start at my desired 8pm (my time, Central)), use another time zone?

Example of my time zone setting within the Auctiva system:

Preferred Time Zone: UTC -06:00 (Central Time)

(checked) Add 60 minutes for daylight savings time.

Simple question, what settings do I apply to manipulate the start times and coordinate those times with eBay’s clock?
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