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Hi, Right now my store is silver, lol. Haven't gotten it set up like I want it yet. Was looking for something in light colors, something generic that can match a wide variety of fabrics, as I sell alot of floral, celestial, and outdoor theme.

There used to be one i used at the other place of a lady sitting in a chair, sewing a quilt by hand, really liked that one it was done in black and white although didn't like the white would of looked better beige.
this one

The Quilter courtesy of prissiedreams

I realize can't take her design, and now that i think about it the image is probably too big.

Heck I don't know what I want, lol. Thats the reason I don't have a store logo yet too, can't make up my mind.

something simple and neutral in color. You can look at the kinds of fabric i sell and maybe get a idea. Angel's Attic Treasures

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