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OK, my bad, I shipped to an unconfirmed address through paypal...and I Got the package back. Do I charge shipping again, or just send it to them free of charge so to speak. I had to pay shipping for the darned thing back to me, then pay for shipping to send it out again? I figure these are my options:
1. Send it back to them and "NEVER< NEVER" send to an unconfirmed address again.
2. Ask them to pay full shipping again, or if they don't want to, give them their "auction" sale money back.
3. Ask them to split the difference in shipping with me, or offer to give them their sale money back.

What do you guys think? It's partly their fault that they have not changed their address on paypal. I know they have bought other stuff and "KNOW" that their address is not correct, because their transactions are after mine were and they said they received that stuff.

What do you guys think?
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I ship to whatever address is listed, confirmed or unconfirmed. Frankly it means nothing anyway. There is no such thing as a confirmed address. It could be confirmed to where the person used to live, not where they live now. I've never had a package come back. When I ship, if I get a warning that the USPS database can not confirm this is a valid address, I'll email the buyer just to make sure there isn't an error.

If it's the buyers fault for having an incorrect address listed in their profile, my feeling is they are responsible for paying for it to be shipped a second time. It wasn't your fault that you sent it to the address listed. That is the buyers responsibility to have his data correct. It is NOT "partly" their fault, it is 100% THEIR FAULT.

Simply explain this to your buyer that the package was returned because their data was correct, and they will need to pay shipping again. Offer an option to refund their money if they don't want to have the item shipped a second time, but explain that the shipping amount for the failed attempt will not be refunded.

File on ebay for a "mutually agreed not to sell the item" so you get your Final Value Fees back. The buyer will not have any strikes against them for doing this.

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