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My husband and I am arguing - My ad states Paypal confirme address only - it is the new butterscotch pony - he says feedback 100% 62+ so alright to post to unconfirmed address
I am arguing I will not send it to unconfirmed address - anyone agree with me and can you let me know if you have nice way of emailing and refunding money for a money order...
the lady lives in next state so gtting money order and posting via priority - or first class wont make much of time diff

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Let me make sure my facts are straight with this....did the buyer pay by Paypal or Money Order (sounds like by Money Order). If they did pay by money order, I would make sure the MO clears my bank (which they normally do, I have yet to have a problem with a domestic MO) and then send the item with Delivery Confirmation.

The reason people refuse to send to unconfirmed address is because they have less protection as sellers from people trying to get their money back from Paypal. Paypal is known for siding with the buyers. But if they paid with a money worries about filing with Paypal to get their money back and you have the Delivery Confirmation to prove it made it there for your own conscience and records.

If they did pay with Paypal....let us know and you may get another answer. Smile

You reversed the payment right? You have ground to stand on because it's in your auctions that is the only way you accept payment.

Then your buyer will understand that this is just the way it is.

Shipping to confirmed addresses is the ONLY way Paypal will stand behind you. Unconfirmed? You're out the do-re-mi.

Tell your hubster that the scam is real and is well documented in an ebook that is circulated in how to make money on ebay. Doesn't mention selling on writes bout scamming eBay sellers.

Shouldn't be a problem if you handle it cool-headed with your customer.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
Originally posted by The_Daily_Bugle:
and if buyer lives in same country as yourself, then why not simply send it & let him/her pay for a tracking# ?

then if you should recieve claim, then you provide with tracking# and paypal agrees with you & disagrees with buyer.

unconfirmed or confirmed don't matter in my opinion.

PayPal doesn't see it this way. If the address is unconfirmed and the buyer claims they never got the package PayPal will side with them automatically because the seller isn't satisfying the terms of the SPP.
Originally posted by The_Daily_Bugle:
that's bullshit, if you can provide tracking# then you have proof that item got shipped & got delivered to buyer, if buyer then claims item not recieved while you have proof it got delivered then paypal doesn't refund the buyer, if they do, then paypal would be facing millions off lawsuits, coz i for 1 if that were to happen to me would sue paypal then for millions even if it costs me thousands to file lawsuit, if you have proof that you shipped item and that it got delivered to buyer then there's nothing they can do, absolutely failsafe.

It may be BS, but that's their policy. NO seller protection if the address is unconfirmed, even if you do have delivery confirmation, tracking number, or anything else. Rick is unfortunately correct.
Originally posted by The_Daily_Bugle:
if you have proof that you shipped item and that it got delivered to buyer then there's nothing they can do, absolutely failsafe.

you must be really really new to ebay? (just asking) I have heard so many people loose $500+ just becos seller sent to unconfirmed address - even with delivery confirm and signature required - Paypal just refunded the money! read all the news around - paypal is not getting sued enough is my opinion!
Simplest thing to do is buy insurance for expensive items, and items that go out of the country.

I got burned once by shipping a $200 electronic organizer to Mexico, and the buyer contacted to tell me that he hadn't received it. Bummer... but I couldn't prove it wasn't true (no tracking), so I gave the guy his money back. I got the organizer for free (my work was throwing a bunch of them in the trash!), so it hurt, but I didn't lose much besides shipping costs and fees.

I learned my lesson, and now everything going out of country gets insured by UPIC (I have confirmed that they'll pay on these claims), and anything expensive also gets UPIC insurance.
Please, PLEASE pay attention to DMH, Biscuit and NOT take DailyBugle's advice.

He and I already butted heads about his advice to sellers on this board. I don't wanna go through that again. He ended up deleting his posts in reference to selling on eBay china when I placed links in my posts to defend my position. I merely didn't want newbies taking his advice and moving forward without links to support my statements.

I often wonder if his position is as it is because he isn't a US seller and may not have to follow the sames rules & regs as we do.

Doesn't matter anyway...All I'm asking is that members do your research and thoroughly. Read the link Rick placed on the board and take biscuit and DMH's words to heart.

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Anything over $250 requires a signature confirmation. Make them sign for it. Period. If your terms specify 'confirmed address' only, then the buyer ignored your terms. If they have a legit address, then they should have no problem with going into PayPal AND eBay and correcting it. They have to edit BOTH accounts. Look this is your business, you run it your way. Don't bow down to every buyer who decides they will make up the rules as they go along.

Also, don't let your desire to grab that PayPal payment (unless you're desparate for money) cloud your better judgement. I wouldn't ship any other way, accept by my terms. Period. Let them go shop at Macy's and tell them how to run things. They won't get very far with them. So, why should they walk all over you?

Good luck.
Originally posted by Jett:
Unfortunately last month I got burned with a fake USPS money order. The bank kicked it back. From now on they will be only cashed at the post office. It was for only $24, can't believe someone would risk criminal charges for that small amount.

I stopped accepting money orders.

They were the biggest factor when it came to slow payment and no payment. Or wrong type of payment. Like sending a persoanl check or the wrong type of money order. I only accept PayPal and I love it.

Most pay immediately or within the alloted time period. I have my account set up to individually approve or disapprove unconfirmed addresses. If I see someone who has a fabulous feedback record and is a long time PayPal member, I'll ship to their unconfirmed addy.

Also, I've noticed the some buyers are signing up for PayPal just to buy from me. They end up having to send an electronic check, which is fine. Do I miss money orders? Nadda.

Sorry to hear you were scammed.

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