Is there any way to eliminate +$0.00 from the flat rate shipping parameters? My items fit in the box as specified, and I cannot combine more items in most shipments...How do we get rid of that additional items option? I'm damned if I leave it at 0, and damned if I add an amount.
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Oh sure, leave it blank.

If that were a possibility, I would not have inquired about it. The only option is to offer free shipping on additional items ($0.00), or charge a specific amount for additional items...leaving it blank leaves it at $0.00 which specifically translates to FREE.

I am looking to stipulate a flat rate for the package I have listed and only that package, not a flat rate plus the possibility of adding more items for any additional charge or no charge at all.

This is inadequate programming. We should be able to remove the part about adding additional items for extra $ amount, or use it if we need to. Not having an either/or option there is something that can and should be corrected.
Hi tomato,

The issue you are referring to is a bug introduced by our latest release that is causing an "Additional Item Cost" to show up in the shipping section of the preview, even when nothing is entered in that field on the lister page. Our technical team is aware of this issue and will have it corrected as soon as possible.

In the mean time, you are still welcome to go ahead and post these listings and they will post correctly according with what you entered in the lister page, regardless of what is displayed in the shipping section of the preview. The "Additional Item Cost" field only applies to multiple quantity listings, so it should be left blank for any single quantity listings you are posting.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:

Right, I posted some Qty. 1 auctions today, flat-rate shipping, I left that additional item cost box blank and everything's cool.

I was happy to see the option for flat and calculated depending on domestic or international shipments. What a great improvement that is!

I was having difficulty getting a good feed with so many varied errors showing up in the shipping portion, and I could not correct them, so I came here to vent, but did not see this problem addressed.

I notice now that the $0.00 has been removed from that box, and it is indeed blank.

Errors are no longer showing. :~)

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