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I love Auctiva hosting and software many user friendly tools. However reading the insurance coverage it seems they don't cover much other than shipping cotton balls. Using thier listing services and not offering thier insurance seems like I'm stealing or something. My sells are almost exclusively Rare coins and bullion and they don't cover either. Do any of you have this same problem and how do you cover it insurance wise?
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Smile just a reminder...Auctiva Shipping Insurance can be used for International First Class mail shipments too! I've seen many posts on eBay's forums lately about international insurance options, and many sellers have been getting inaccurate info from other users. For more about our insurance, see our help pages:

Hello Robpalo -

There was some work done on the forums recently, related to the update of the forums which has prompted some automatic notifications from within regarding some old posts from the prior forum set up.  Please feel free to disregard such a notification.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

  - Craig

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