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This might sound a bit complicated but..I had a listing and I forgot about it. I wanted to relist it and I wanted to change the shipping to include UK,US and Canada, so I created a new shipping profile and called it UK,US,CANFREE.
Now when I try to create my new listing I choose the UK,US,CANFREE shipping profile and in the body of my NEW listing it still comes up with the old profile saying I ship to UK & Canada. I have saved the my work as a NEW LISTING and would like to know what to do to get
the shipping to US AND CAN only out of my listing.
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Hi sugarpie87,

Thanks for posting your question here. The shipping details which appear in your description templates when you list your items are actually populated from your Seller Details profile (not your Shipping profile) so I believe you just need to select the Seller Details profile that contains your new shipping information to resolve this issue.

In order to select your new Seller Details profile when listing your items, you will just need to select that new profile from the “Select Seller Details” drop down menu located directly to the right of the “Select Template” button on the lister page.

If you intend to build your listings from an Item Details profiles which have templates selected, you could also update each to use this new Seller Details profile by mousing over the “Profiles” tab within your account, selecting the “Manage” option under “Seller Details”, clicking “Edit” next to the desired one and saving the changes.

Hopefully that is all there is to it!


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